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Bl chavara's contibutions to the Church

.  With Fathers Thomas Palackal and Thomas Porukara, Chavara founded the First Indian Religious Congregation for Men (CMI)-1831
2.    Chavara popularized the Sunday Homilies and Retreats for priests and laity in the Kerala Church  since 1831
3.    Chavara established the First Syro – Malabar common seminary at Mananam in 1833
4.    Chavara introduced the ‘Way of the Cross’ at  Mannanam for the first time in 1838
5.    Chavara was appointed as Malpan (Scholar) and examiner for selecting candidates for priesthood and for giving patents to the newly ordained to hear confessions and to preach in the Churches-1844
6.    Chavara founded the first press and publishing house of Syro-Malabar Church at Mananam -1846   
7.    Chavara founded the First Catholic Sanskrit School in the Kerala Church at Mananam -1846
8.    Chavara started the First Syro-Malabar Catechumenate at Mananam -1853
9.    Chavara was the first Indian priest who took the religious vows in the church- 1855
10.    Chavara was the first appointed vicar general after the time of Archdeacons in the Syro-Malabar Church -1861
11.    Chavara took the leadership as the vicar general in protecting the Syro-Malabar Church from the schismatic intruder bishop Roccos - ൧൮൬൧

2.    Chavara is the author of the First Malayalam Narrative poem – Anasthasyaude Rakthasakshyam, an inspirational Martyr’s story -1862
13.    Chavara popularized the new May Month devotion of Blessed Virgin Mary from Mananam -1864
14.    Chavara as Vicar General implemented the idea ‘ A school for A Church’ in the Kerala Church  -1864
15.    Chavara edited the Divine Office for priests, Compiled Liturgical Rubrics, liturgical calendar, set the Office of the dead etc., for the Malabar Church -1862-1869
16.    In collaboration with Fr.Leopold OCD, an Italian Missionary, Chavara founded the Indian Religious Congregation for women (CMC) at Koonamavoo in the Kerala church -1866
17.    Chavara started the 40 Hours Eucharistic Adoration in the Kerala church -1866
18.    Chavara and  Fr. Leopold OCD started the first boarding house and school for girls in Kerala  at Koonammavu -1868
19.    Chavara prepared the first instruction manual ‘A Testament of a Good Father’ for the Christian Families of Kerala, first of its kind in the church -1868
20.    Chavara founded the first lay charitable organization the ‘Confraternity of St .Joseph for  Happy Death’ at Kainakary-1869
21.    Chavara founded the first Home of Charity- Upavisala for the sick, old and destitute at Kainakary -1869
22.    Chavara initiated the Catholic re-union movement of the 19th  century -1869
23.    Chavara is the First Indian declared as  Blessed in the Indian Church -1986

1.   Chavara died at St. Philomina Monastery at Koonammavu on
2.   Chavara’s mortal remains re-entombed at Mannanam, the Mother house of the CMI Congregation, on 24-5-1889
3.   Chavara’s canonization process started at the congregation level on 21-12-1936
4.   Sent the petition to Cardinal Tisserant, the prefect of the oriental churches to take up the canonization processes of Chavara on
5.   Chavara’s canonization process started at the diocesan level on
6.       Chavara was declared Venerable by Pope John Paul II in Rome on 7-4-1984
7.       Chavara’s beatification at Kottayam, Kerala by Pope John Paul II, on 8-2-1986
8.       Government of India released the postal stamp considering Chavara as social reformer for the country on 20-12-1987
9.       Government of Kerala fixed a large painting of Chavara in the         picture gallery of the  Literary   Academy Hall of Thrissur to         honour Chavara as an eminent literary man of  19th century Kerala,         on 4-5-2006

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